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This is Clayton. He is six years old. One day, his mother brought him to his fathers house, and told him she would come back to get him. She never did. Clayton loved his father, until he got re-married, to his new step-mother, Carmen. Clayton endured a horrible fate. They wrapped in a wire fence and locked it with chains, so he couldn’t sit down. Then, they locked him inside of the closet, the hot, dark, airless closet. Sometimes they didn’t feed him for more then 24 hours at a time. He ate the paper of the floor, and walls of the closet. Sometimes, they gave him food, coated with burning sauce, and no water. When he had to go to the bathroom, he had to go on himself, then his ‘parents’ would rub his poo on his face, sometimes getting in his mouth. When he tried screaming to get out, his father would open the closet, and pee on him. Sometimes taking a cup of pee, and pouring it over his head. Other times, they would shove dish soap into his mouth. And leave it there without rinsing it out. The little boy would beg and scream to be free. One person heard his screams, and she, too, was a child. The little boys step-sister, who would take him out of the closet and feed him, when there parents left. But she couldn’t take it anymore. She ran away. Carmen, her step-mother, alerted the police of where she might be hiding. They found her. She begged them not to take her back, also telling him what they have been doing to Clayton. After months of this happening, the parents were only sentenced 4 & 1/2 year in prison. Clayton’s father, was released after 6 months. Carmen, after 2 years. Reblog if you’re against child abuse.

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